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Need help creating your voice over project? Feel free to download the infographics below. And if you need help creating, writing, hiring...well...I can help there too. Happy creating!

Best practices for writing and formatting for voice over narrators


Do you have a script that needs a narrator? Here are some best practices to consider to make the process seamless and get the best performance out of your talent. 


Need help finding talent for your narration or voice over project? Let me help! Attached is a list of all places to find top quality talent. If you need more help, let me know, I have a roster of professionals waiting your project details. 

Find voice over talent or where to find voice over work
Voice over engineering guide


Need a little guidance on how to make your recordings sound incredible to book more jobs? Here are five quick suggestions. If you need more help or someone to listen to your audio? Let me know. I'd be happy to help


What to charge a client and what to expect a voice over talent to charge can be a bewildering event. Here's a guide to help simplify it for you. Professional voice over talent is always worth every penny. 

Narration Voice Over Rate Guide
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