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As a rockstar in the world of female voice-over artistry for over 20 wild years, I've jammed in almost every genre you can imagine. But let's get one thing straight - short-form projects are where I truly unleash my inner party animal!

From my home studio, custom-built to crank out broadcast-quality sound that'll make your speakers beg for more, I'm here to blow your mind. Take a wild ride with a raw audio sample below and dive into the epic voice-over experiences I've got in store for you.



Do you have an e-learning, explainer, corporate, or the like video or presentation that needs not only to be heard but understood? Conversational, polished, styled, textured, unique, youthful, and professional are just a few of the words used to describe my performance. Having performed for Kodak, HP Printers, city governments, and K-12 E-learning companies, whatever your target audience, we can come up with a pitch, tempo, and storytelling style that will be comprehensive to all who listen.

Lena HillExplainer / E-learning
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Animation / Character


I've been a character actor my entire career and have spent my life creating ways to make interesting and compelling characters for the stage, film, animation, and video games. 

Lena HillCharacter / Animation
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IVR / Telephony


Telephony has been the life blood for many voice actors throughout their careers and I'm no exception. With the influx of artificial intelligent voices flooding the market in this space, be the company who stands above the rest and uses a flesh and blood voice to connect to your listener. Waiting on hold is an opportunity to deliver brand messages that engender loyalty to your company or product. 

Lena HillIVR / Telephony
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Ah commercial! Where dreams are made and bills get paid. Listen below for my most recent commercial offerings. Youthful, hip. vocal fry, mom. relatable, smooth, sophisticated, conversational, real, honest, storyteller, engaging, emotional, quirky, silly. Together we can come up with a style your audience will immediately fall in love with. 

Lena HillCommercial
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