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Empowering Your Authenticity

Joey B, OR

Lena is everything you’d want from a teacher: She’s empathetic, encouraging, knowledgeable. She pushed me to push myself, and helped me have breakthroughs and make the mental connections I’d needed to. 

Her approach to both commercial and character work sprouts from the same root, so working hard on one inevitably means you’ll improve on the other.

Lena innately knew how to pull better performances out of me. I cannot recommend her one-on-one or group classes enough.


Are you ready to launch your voice over or acting career? Or take it to the next level? Are you a professional who wants to rock their presentation skills? Lena has developed a unique and shippable approach to voice over that will leave you with an understanding of your vocal instrument and confidence in your approach and delivery. To help you book


Three segments for voice over and acting mastery:

  1. Voice and Breath - The voice and breath are your guides to clarity, stamina, longevity, and ​versatility. Breath and breathing creates the vibrations which creates the phonation. The more in tune you are with these two essential tools, the more clear, consistent, and intentional you will become with your characters. I am trained and teach the Linklater technique for freeing the natural voice. 

  2. Acting Technique - The best voice actors are also incredible actors. Understanding technique creates freedom in your expression and your character depth of truth. I teach an amalgamation of Meisner, Hagen, Practical Aesthetics, and my own methodology created from years of studying trauma and psychology in order for the actor to be able to create emotional depth and allow for personal psychological safety. 

  3. Script Analysis - Breaking down a script from a writer's point of view allows your creative journey to flourish! Knowing the writing tricks to land a joke, make a tight emotional turn, understand narrative flow, allows your creativity to take center stage. 


Have you ever been in front of an audience (or mic?) and a nagging voice keeps insisting that you're 'doing it all wrong!'? Or maybe you tell a joke and it just doesn't land? Or maybe you feel you're going a great job but not booking?


I use breath and voice exercises based on Linklater's approach along with a method I created (The Hill Method) that first focuses on that critical voice (aka your protector) to then allow your imagination, creativity, and uniqueness to tell engaging stories that captivate audiences and gets you booked.


"The breath and the body will always tell the most compelling stories. Technique, is learning to trust it"

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Certified Public Speaking Coach  ✥ Transformation Academy ✥ Certified Trauma Support Specialist ✥ Arizona Trauma Institute ✥

Need an infographic to download and print and hang on the wall in your studio? Here ya go! 
  • Writing Copy For Narrators

  • How To Find Work 

  • Engineering Basics

  • Narration Rate Guide

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