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Lena Hill and Neumann TLM 103

Lena Hill
Unique Voice Artist

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Lena HillCommercial Demo
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Undeniable Talent

Connecting with a voice that hits all the right notes and gets you grooving to the beat is cool.


But discovering a voice-over talent with mad vocal skills, the ability to captain their own ship, rock out with a creative crew, jam to any tune, and crank up the studio magic to deliver top-tier broadcast-quality audio from a pro home setup is like finding a guitar pick in a haystack while riding a skateboard on a rainbow road.

And guess what? You just pulled off that epic trick!


Exceptional Service


Let's groove to the smooth and vibrant voiceovers from Lena Hill's projects. With more than two decades of experience lending her talent to global giants, Lena's got the golden touch when it comes to giving brands the voice they crave.

Lena HillE-Learning
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Lena HillSinger
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Lena HillCharacter
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Lena HillIVR / Telephony
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Beyond Commercial and Corporate ventures, Lena's vocal prowess extends across an eclectic spectrum of creative realms. She's your go-to for dynamic voice-overs that span Animation, Games, Meditation and Yoga apps, as well as crafting captivating on-hold messages and IVR packages for renowned brands like Marriott Hotels, Ace Hardware, Office Depot/Office Max, Tanger Outlets, and Big Lots.

In addition to her exceptional voice-over talent, Lena is a seasoned professional singer who has graced prestigious stages like Carnegie Hall in New York, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, The Long Center in Austin, and many more.

Dive in to explore a treasure trove of voice-over possibilities that'll captivate your audience, regardless of the medium


Personalized Approach


Exceeding Expectations


Committed to Excellence


On Air Sign

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Outstanding Quality

"Lena was great and took direction well. I look forward to working with her again!"

Scott Cawthon - Cawthon Games

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