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To Content Market or Not to Content Market

That is the question. As an entrepreneur and a studio owner, the speed in which the voice over industry's ever evolving landscape is changing, selling something seems to be the next logical step to promote your voice over work. I mean, everyone is doing it, promoting it, seemingly making millions off of it, so why not you? The big fancy names in voice over are now selling packages of pre-made materials that will teach you how to be a voice actor in 10 easy steps...just buy this book and these webinars and this collection of pre-booth meditations and and and and...the noise is deafening. I mean, I get it...TRULY. And am certainly not criticizing those who feel this is the next logical evolutionary step in the voice over field. I am an artist, a storyteller, a teacher and a business owner. I do want to sell all of those things and I want (and deserve) to make a living from it. However, this pre-packaged one-size-fits all approach content marketing is nonsense for voice over. Each individual's journey into this field is as personal as your fingerprint and needs to be approached as such. If you want to make this business your full-time gig, no package from some big name will give you the keys to success and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise, they are literally just trying to sell you something.

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