Lena Gwendolyn Hill – SAGAFTRA, AEA

Height – 5’1″

Weight – 103 lbs

Hair – Red

Eyes – Brown

Voice – Soprano/High Belt



Sweeney Todd – LEAD – El Portal Theatre Monroe Forum

Rite of Seymour – LEAD – Son of Semele with Drive Theatre

Company – LEAD – Crown City Theatre

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings – LEAD – Kirk Douglas Theatre

The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip – LEAD – Kirk Douglas Theatre

Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings – Ensemble – Theatre @ Boston Court

The Wild Party – Support – Blank Theatre at The Hudson

Atalanta – LEAD – Powerhouse Theatre

Touch of the Child – LEAD – Texas Opry

4 Edges – LEAD – Amphibian Stage Productions


South of Heaven – Support – Blue Maria Productions

Across the Room – LEAD – Brockus Productions

Then Winter – LEAD – Brockus Productions


Fort Worth Symphonic Chorus – Soloist – Carnegie Hall

Dallas Symphony Orchestra – Soloist – Meyerson Symphony Hall

Angel Chorus – Chorus – Disney Concert Hall

Cabaret performances – Soloist – The Lemon Room


The Groundlings – Improvisation

Anne Lynn Kettles – Acting – Hagen/Meisner

Margaret “Peggy” Loft – Voice – Linklater

Chad McCord/Margie Haber/Lyle Kanouse – On-Camera Technique

Georgia Stitt – Musical Theatre

Zeffin Quinn Hollis – Voice Coach

Steven Reisberg – Voice Over Technique


Singing (soprano, legit, high belt, musical theatre, opera, jazz, pop, country), Accents (southern, British, cockney), tennis, puppetry, painter, dance (mover), yoga, hiking, bowling, bike riding


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